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Let's Get Right Down To Business.

With over 20 years of experience, PrimeVestors Inc. is a solid one stop shop resource for business funding and real estate investment planning. We cultivate endless opportunities for business owners and novice, intermediate, and expert real estate investors. We offer an intimate, one-on-one service to support your business endeavors. We understand the economic climate, monitor industry trends, and keep our hands on the pulse of financial markets.

The services we offer are strictly for the purposes of business funding and real estate investments. Whether this is your first time seeking funding or if you are a seasoned pro we escort you through the entire process, one step at a time.


As a hub of investment matrices and through our many partners we offer resources that can assist in your quest for financial freedom and connect you with industry leaders who are able to provide direction and support related to your business or real estate investment plans.


As your trusted capital advisor we dedicate the time to nurture each client and get to know all aspects of your business and current investment outlook with no stone left unturned. Our team has unprecedented experience and we are ready to add you to our powerhouse client roster.


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Real Estate investing was something I was interested in however I wasn't quite sure how to enter the "flipping game", I was provided with exceptional guidance and have been very successful thus far.

Capital solutions of all types.

Real estate


By providing non-conforming private or hard money, we're able to help entrepreneurs with special funding needs. Our clients want to know that we are ready to respond quickly when a deal is presented for funding, we are your right hand.

Purchase and Rehab

Properties come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes in great condition and often times not when it comes to real estate investing.

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We provide our investors with the capital they need to not only purchase a property but to also rehabilitate the property and prepare it for occupancy. Many of our investors look for properties that will either be a “quick flip” or a long term rental dependent upon the type.

Cash out to Rehab

This option is best for an investor who currently owns their investment property however is seeking funds to rehabilitate the property to sell or rent.

Cash Out

Many of our investors, who currently own properties with no mortgage opt to cash out these properties in order to reinvest in other opportunities.

I needed a funding channel that was hassle free and a company that understood the industry, that is exactly what I got when contacting PrimeVestors.

Business Funding

Finance Acronyms

Business Revenue & Merchant Cash Advance

Low Doc, short term (3-18 month) loan designed to inject needed revenue into a company while leaving as much revenue in the business cycle as possible with daily ACH payments on business days.

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(No weekends or Holidays) Loan amounts generally are 10-14% of annual gross revenue that flows through the business bank account. Term and rate is determined by business credit profile, time in business, industry, and owners FICO.

Account Receivable/ Purchase Order Financing

A type of asset-financing arrangement in which a company uses its receivables -which is money owed by customers - as collateral in a financing agreement.

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The company receives an amount that is equal to a reduced value of the receivables pledged. The age of the receivables have a large effect on the amount a company will receive. The older the receivables, the less the company can expect. Also referred to as “factoring”. This type of financing helps companies free up capital that is stuck in accounts receivables. Accounts receivable financing transfers the default risk associated with the accounts receivables to the financing company; this transfer of risk can help the company using the financing to shift focus from trying to collect receivables to current business activities.

Unsecured Credit Lines

A true EIN driven credit lines from A rated banks. Establishes instant business credit by using any officer of a company’s personal credit history to expand worthiness directly to the company.

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This is not a working capital line of credit through an existing partnered bank. This program is designed to divorce a company owner’s personal credit risk from his or hers company’s. Credit lines that belong to the company’s EIN not the owner’s SSN.

Book of Business Financing

1-10 year amortized loans specifically tailored for Insurance agencies. The insurance industry is usually restricted in most funding platforms due to the unique nature of premium ownership to assignable policies.

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Book of Business funding uses policy ownership as a tangible asset to borrow against. Loans range from 20K to 25M. Asset values generally are 10% of book value, example 3M book would yield 300K of tangible asset to lend against. Each deal is and will be treated as unique and tailored to the needs of the client. Typical use of funds are: Acquisitions, Working Capital, Expansion, and debt consolidation.

Alternative SBA Loans

Full doc 2, 3, and 4 year amortized loan. Two programs, Working Capital loans from 50K-150K, 1-2 years and Expansion loans from 50K to 500K,
2-4 years.

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True simple interest loans from 7.99%-24.99% (Risk-based pricing). Fixed payments ACH bimonthly

401K and Securities

Two different services BFS provides. Both require movement/change of custodian. We do not loan against or use a 401K or Stock as collateral.

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401K funding is for rolling over a non-contributing, qualifying account that allows for cash out not to exceed half or 50K whichever is lower. Part 2 of the 401K platform (if client chooses to) structures a self-directing IRA for the remaining funds. Securities financing requires movement of stock portfolio to a new custodian which in turn will structure a very low interest rate Line of Credit not to exceed 90% of portfolio balance. (300K minimum)

Equipment Financing/Leasing

Equipment leasing program is for revenue generating asset of a company. Lease/ Loan request for equipment that is specific for the company’s industry.

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Start-up programs (2 years TIB) up to 30K and 24-48 month term leases from 5K- 10M for 3+ years TIB. Deal structures: EFA (equipment Finance Agreement), 10% PUT (end of lease 10% balloon), FMV (fair market value), and $1 buy-out (residual). Value of collateral is calculated 80% of auction value based on national auction pricing .

Unsecured Bank Line of Credit (LOC)

Bank Line of credit from 50K to 150K minimal doc. This program is designed to help successful business meet current demands of working capital, expansion, marketing etc.

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Closings usually 30 day or less. Fixed rates from 7-10%, Lines equal to 10% of annual sales. Requires a one-time fee of $5995 from proceeds.

Unsecured 10 year Term Loan

Bank Term Loan with sub 7% Fixed rates. This program is designed to enhance a company’s credit facility to grow vertically.

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Max amount funded is amortized over 10 years to minimize accounts payable. Requires a one-time fee of $5995 from proceeds.

Finance Acronyms

Procuring funds for my business seemed to be an uphill battle, however I received guidance and support and ultimately was able to solidify funds through PrimeVestors, for that, I am forever grateful.

Make It Happen.

If you are interested in receiving funding for your business or financing for a real estate investment, please complete the following inquiry form and a processing agent will contact you within 24 hours to issue the PrimeVestors Inc. application.

Great to work with a team of professionals with a track record and who work step by step alongside an investor, ultimately I wanted to see the best return on investment and that's what I got!

We've Got You Covered.

Fund your deal within 48 hours*

We understand that at times throughout an investment cycle circumstances may develop that are beyond your control and you may need support from a lender in a crunch, we serve as your partner during this hectic period to help you move forward with your contract. We recognize the importance of each investment opportunity and want you to rest assured, that we've got you covered. If you find yourself in this type of scenario, know that you can rely on us to fund your deal within 48 hours.

*Must complete application process expediently and provide all necessary documentation within 12-24 hours upon contacting us


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